-ALL GLORY BE TO GOD! Matthew 5:16-

Meet the Women of WITNESS FITNESS




Hi friends!! My name is Courtney, but most people call me Courto, just a random nickname my friends started back in high school! I am a fitness educator, nutrition expert with my B.S. degree in Nutritional Sciences and Sports Nutrition Specialist with my certification from ISSN, and my true passion in life is to help as many people as i can which is why i’m going back to school to get my Nursing degree!

I’ve dabbled in the NPC, competing in the bikini division and winning two Overall titles! Even though i no longer compete, my love for the gym is still strong as ever and the feeling i get after crushing a workout is like no other!

But recently, I've needed to do some soul searching. I kept receiving these little “God winking” moments (what my mother likes to call them haha) that eventually led me to reconnect with my faith after a few years of absence. It’s truly amazing what your relationship with Christ can do for you in all aspects of your life!

When i’m not at the gym you can find me with my family and my boyfriend - the most important people in my life. You could also find me reading books about our the Universe, writing, watching crime shows and playing with my Portuguese Water Dog, Maxx!

I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Witness Fitness and I am incredibly excited for what the future of this company holds!

Romans 12:2




“Ilyssa is an educator and a self-proclaimed “sponge” for knowledge and learning. She lives in the Bay Area, California where she works in Training & Development at Apple. 

She and her husband Kyle fell in love through fitness and competing in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Though Ilyssa no longer competes, health and wellness—both physical and mental—are hugely important parts of her life. She uses her platform to encourage folks to challenge and deconstruct myths they have been taught about beauty and the fitness industry at large. 

Ilyssa met Jesus when she was just 5 years old, but her journey with the church and her faith has been a tumultuous one. Today, Ilyssa is interested in the overlap between Feminism and Social Justice in Scripture, and what God would say to a new generation interested in enveloping our world in Christ’s love.



 Hello dolls, my name is Franli and I am a fitness competitor, power lifter, curly hair advocate, and make up enthusiast. I became involved in the world of fitness through my own self love journey to push myself not only physically but also mentally beyond my limits. I strive to help others discover their bodies and challenge themselves to become the best they can be. Through fitness I found an escape which has helped mold me into the person I am today.

I’ve done 2 bikini competitions, powerlifting, took time off to get married to my amazing husband Michael, buy our first home, and now I’m gearing back up to hit the stage/platform very soon. My love of fitness and the lord has always been a bright light in my life. From a very young age I have always loved going to church and reading scripture. I’m an extremely active person and love trying new things. It’s incredible what a positive mindset, go getter attitude, and God can get you through.

When I’m not at the gym I’m relaxing with my husband and our amazing fur babies. Michael and I met at our first fitness competition and it’s been nothing but peace, love, and happiness with him since. God has blessed me in more ways than I could ever begin to say thank for you for so I strive to pass that happiness into others as well. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with the gorgeous and strong women of Witness Fitness and I am incredibly excited for what the future of this company holds!

Hebrews 13:5 



  Hey ladies! My name is Ashley, a WBFF Fitness, a health & fitness coach and the owner of ASHFitness. I specialize in helping other reach their fitness goals in a healthy manner. My competition history landed me in a situation where my health was stripped away from me. I found God through my struggles and he helped guide me to health. Now, my main goal is to provide others with proper guidance with health and fitness to prevent them from being misguided like I once was. I am very grateful to be part of the Witness Fitness team of beautiful, strong ladies!  



 My name is Anais, a fitness entrepreneur, educator of immigrant children and a self love advocate. I started my fitness journey inspired by the thought of gaining confidence, strength and finding a mental escape. Through my journey I gained much more than that. With fitness along with my faith I slowly transform my life around. I turned the life I once wanted to escape from to a life I am truly grateful to have. My passion lies in coaching and guiding women to find strength. Not just physically but mentally, to create a life they are in love with while reaching their fitness goals. I believe we all have the power to create our own happiness, we are the only thing in the way from us achieving just that.

“Proverbs 31:25”



 Hello beautiful souls, my name is Abby. I am a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, and high school gym teacher who loves lifting weights and praising the Lord! If I'm not in the gym you can probably find me in the kitchen, on a hiking trial, or curled up with a good book and an iced coffee. After spending years of my life struggling with my body and everything that is was not, I have now learned to love it for everything God has made it to be. I have competed in both powerlifting and strongman and am currently just enjoying getting stronger in the gym! My passion in life is to help others on their journey towards uncovering their individual beauty and strength. I strongly believe that there is nothing a healthy diet, a good post-workout endorphin high, and Jesus Christ can't remedy!  I adore the message behind the Witness Fitness brand as much as I do the leggings and am so blessed to be on this journey! 



Hello everyone! I'm Leeza. Born and raised in Michigan by a single mom. Throughout life, I've always tried to lead a very positive lifestyle. I grew up and went off to college where I received my Bachelor's from Michigan State University. I just recently got a great job working at an Insurance Company.

Back on December 24th 2015 I started a fitness journey. Since then, I've aimed to lead a happy, healthy life both mentally and physically. Cristine recently reached out to me via my Instagram (@leeza_plus_fitness) where I've created a profile to help encourage, support, and inspire others on journey's of their own.

Since I started my journey and created the account, I've lost 80lbs and have grown a great passion for fitness. Weight loss isn't easy, there's definitely a lot of ups and downs, but once I started to take control of my weight, everything else in life started to come together. And now I'm currently blessed to work with Witness Fitness. I'm proud to help promote such a positive company!